Ecolumina Technologies Inc., focusing on customer orientation and excelling in research & development, is a pioneering technology company devoted to Edge Computing IoT integration and application, and endeavored to achieve 100% quality and 100% satisfaction for our customers. Strategically positioned ourselves as the provider of the platform of “Edge Computing IoT integration and application," we consider edge-computing and cloud integration to be the key to smart IoT solution and, by cooperating and collaborating with partners in different fields, we build partnership with experts in different areas, combining expertise, integrating ideas, and , together with our partners, bring new solutions/service to the end clients. We believe, as different kinds of vertical solutions/application are brought to the world, the better world and easier life is created. So is the win-win situation and mutual value with our partners.

As we strive for excellence,
our customers are our most valued resources.

With the professional knowledge and new applications brought to different vertical applications by EcoLumina, we aim to become the backbone platform for IoT with edge computing of customers in different industries. Thus EcoLumina expands its partnership with different industries, reaches versatile channels, provides with sector-specific physical appliance compatibility and unifies virtual interfaces. These are all core competencies of EcoLumina.

EcoLumina is dedicated to edge computing and cloud service integration. We are experienced at connecting different kind of devices, implementing suitable cloud services, and building cross-platform solutions. We have helped our partners to shorten the develop schedule, lower after-service expense and optimize user interfaces. Some of the markets we have been involved include video surveillance, smart home, smart parking system and industrial automation.

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solution enabler