Make your application Smart.

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  • Smart door lock

    Smart door locks can identify users, arming security or disarming/unlocking the door with a single action. It is safe and it eliminates the need of carrying your keys. It can also allow remote door controls through the app, creating a more convenient life. When opening or closing the door, it can activate or schedule other IoT devices or smart appliances which allows for various scenario management.

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  • Multifunction motion sensors (PIR SENSOR)

    For motion detection of infrared signal, it can be used as a switch for other IoT devices; mainly for automatic doors, anti-theft or surveillance systems. For example, when a home intrusion occurs, it will activate the infrared alarm or automatic lighting. Placed at the entrance, hallways, stairwell, or garage door and other low traffic areas, it will activate the automatic lighting when someone approaches. The lights will automatically turn it off when the person leaves. Some sensors are also used in toys.

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  • Digital input/output modules (DIO BOX)

    The next-gen smart modules can be used in data collection and other related applications and supports RS485 Modbus protocol. It’s highly stable and easy to install/maintain. It can be easily integrated into traditional equipment with existing dry contacts, and different types of IO modules can be selected according to system requirements.

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  • Smart plug

    Smart outlets provide easier remote app control of home appliances. Through scheduling, appliances can be automatically turned on or off at certain times. By activating or deactivating appliances at different times, you can create different effects. At the same time, it can analyze real time and historical energy consumption of appliances to achieving energy monitoring.

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  • Smart alarm

    Can be applied to
    • Disaster warning: gas leaks, carbon monoxide, water leaks, fires, earthquakes, etc.
    • Anti-theft: Combining cameras with motion sensors in detecting human or object movement to create a multiple-protection surveillance to keep the home safe.
    When an accident occurs, the alarm will sound immediately to notify the users.

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  • Smart air purifier

    Schedule a time to turn on the air purifier to reduce sneezing for children with allergic reactions, and actively maintain a comfortable life, or automatically turn on for people with limited mobility when the room has poor ventilation in order to avoid emergencies or physical discomfort, and send warnings while simultaneously take pictures and immediately send push notification through the app.

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  • Wireless gateway

    Wireless gateway enables easier connections between all devices and integration to the cloud platform will create a more stable system. It is easier to build, expand, extend and maintain than the wired system, whether it is because of the subsequent addition of equipment or change in the home decor. Equipment needs due to growing or changing family members can be installed with a relatively low cost, so that the smart home solution can continue to grow with the family.

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  • Temperature and humidity sensors

    Temperature sensing can protect environmental health and provide a safe life. Sensed values can be used to adjust the temperature and humidity in the space by regulating the air conditioner and other convenient devices in order to save electricity and avoid unnecessary energy loss, and synchronizing with the surveillance equipment, such as monitoring equipment, is also possible and also serves as another protection in visual surveillance.

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  • Door and window sensor

    Door and window sensors can monitor all types of doors, windows, garage doors. The sensor is equipped with a variety of functions, and it can be used for automatic light control, temperature sensing, access control for home surveillance, and other such systems. The special sensing components used inside the sensor can accurately detect if the door or window is opened or properly closed in real time. It can be used for the main door, garage door, all types of windows, bedroom doors and even safety box. The built-in and long-lasting batteries can be used for up to one year without replacing.

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  • Smart light switch - White
    Smart light switch - Black

    Wireless control designs can upgrade directly your existing lighting fixtures and bulbs to smart appliances. While you're away, you can use your phone for remote control, which supports grouping and scheduling and with both physical button and virtual control function. It allows all age groups in the home or office to easily use the device.
    Two styles to choose from

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  • Water level sensor

    Prevent floods and leaks. When there’s a flood in the underground parking garages, laundry rooms, balconies and other places, alarms will be triggered as a reminder or notification to related personnel to take proper measures.

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  • PM 2.5 sensor

    When the air quality is poor (PM 2.5 and carbon monoxide), the air purifier or ventilation equipment will be activated to extract the CO and notifications will be sent through push notifications of the app.

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  • Smoke detector

    When smoke is detected, the alarm will sound to notify the whole family to evacuate immediately. When an accident occurs, they will be notified through voice message and push notifications from the app. Furthermore, when high concentration of carbon monoxide are detected in places like garages, basements or other locations due to incomplete combustion, or there are leaks in gas lines, the ventilation equipment will be activated to circulate the air.

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Smart surveillance,
secure both private and public property



Smart home,
fully integrate IoT and cloud services



Smart parking,
raise usage rate and cut operation cost



Smart industry,
make city and factory intelligent with IoT